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How to Use Communal Wishing to Achieve Success

How successful are you?Most people say “Not successful enough!”It is human nature to yearn for greater things. You want to feel and bee recognised as successful, but when you don’t get there you feel the wrath of failure.So for what is the one thing standing our way stopping us from achieving success in our life pursuits?Most will claim it is our mindset and attitude. This is true but would you not agree that other people are a large contributor to helping you succeed?In thriving communities, the number one contributor to individual as well as group success is the synergy, cohesion, and mutual support. Without these, forming and maintaining a positive mindset for success is almost unachievable. Nearly all successful people will tell you “I dedicate my success to the support I received from …”.

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Recent studies into the impact of human thought on our environment show the power of so called “wishful thinking”. Call it prayer, wishing, or subconscious positive dialogue the results are real. The results sky-rockets when compounded by a community of people focussing on the same outcome (Communal Wishing).The fact that human thoughts and intentions can be mirrored by the environment is clearly proven by Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto. His revolutionary photos of water crystals show the obvious formation differences when exposed to positive versus negative thoughts, and intentions. Positive messages forms beautiful symmetrical crystals while negative messages forms malformed chaos. He quotes, “If human though can do this to water, imagine what it can do to you and others? After all we’re made of 70% water”

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Communal Wishing is by far the most effective and consequential contributor to achieving success.Just like the joy a successful individual feels when a crowd of people cheer for her. Exposing yourself to the focus of communal wishing will positively energise you for ultimate ongoing success.By connecting yourself spiritually and or physically to thousands of people engaged in communal wishing, you will feed on their positive intentions for you. It will break down your existing success barriers and will equip you with the support and confidence to achieve ultimate success.